Rakesh Pharmaceuticals is a pioneer enterprise in the field of manufacturing herbal products for animal healthcare and veterinary diseases. It was founded in 1975 by group of Veterinarians. We had a vision to utilize traditional knowledge of herbal remedies for healthy, disease-free dairy animals at a time when the white revolution was developing countrywide. Our concern came to the rescue of poor farmers of India, who were groping for effective remedies for diseases to which indigenous and exotic cattle were prone to. There were very few pharmaceutical companies came in the field with herbal remedies.

Our aim is to survey and study prevalent animal diseases and to evolve, renew and rediscover formulations based on herbal raw material and to manufacture products which are scientifically tested, safe and affordable to users. Our intent is to remain always in the front line of producers.

We have our manufacturing unit in G.I.D.C. Estate at Kalol in Gandhinagar Distict of Gujarat State, with modern manufacturing tools to produce therapeutic stock in form of Tablets, Bolus, Capsules, Liquids, Powder, Ointment etc. We possess Drug License No. GA/492 and have also been granted G.M.P. certificate. We have developed our infrastructural facilities from time-to-time to cater to growing needs and demands.

No pharmaceutical concern can afford to stand in the market without its own quality control laboratory and its linkages with research institutions. We are proud to have a Quality Control Laboratory with modern equipments and manned by trained scientists and technicians. We are constantly in touch with scientists of Veterinary colleges and Ayurvedic experts to avail of latest scientific research and our effort has been to develop scientifically tested products.

One unique adjunct to our infrastructure is a DRUG FARM of 50 acres of land situated nearby our factory. We have special advantage of rearing selected medicinal plants of requisite potency and good quality. We also resort to contract farming, besides purchases to be made in the open market. Farm-fresh and factory-fresh raw material is a key to superiority of products. It guards us against adulteration and substitution.

We have a dynamic production policy. Formulations are reviewed from time-to-time to cater to emerging needs, thereby maintaining our status as a modern production unit. We have a wide range of products. We have in our repertory a few prestigious products. To name a few, they are …

  • MILKOPLEX BOLUS, a powerful galactogogue & effective tranquilizer
  • UTROVET BOLUS / TABLET, for uterine infections
  • ESTRONA FORTE BOLUS, for regulating oestrus cycle
  • PROCTIVE BOLUS, for prolapse of uterus.

These are well received as effective and authentic drugs. Our formulations are oriented to healthcare nutrition, resistance, lactation- efficiency besides broad-spectrum drugs. We have equal concern for improvement of productivity, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Our Market Strategy is founded on principles of quality, consistency, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Our potential customers are not only individual farmers but are also Government Animal Husbandry Department, Co-operative Societies, Dairy Development Corporations and such other users. The fact that the demand of our products shows a rising trend and we have captured markets in every corner of the country, covering almost all states in India is evidence of success of our production policy and marketing strategy.